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Widesky Group


Industrial Design, User Experience


iF Design Awards 2021, reddot winner 2021


The state-of-the-art Seasonic SYNCRO Q7 Series is a mid-tower ATX chassis that features an aluminum body and a tempered glass panel on one side and the Seasonic SYNCRO CONNECT Module* on the other. This setup can accommodate powerful hardware and provides versatile cooling and ventilation options. The SYNCRO CONNECT Module* functions as a cable management hub, to which the components are directly connected with generally shorter cables. This setup simplifies cable routing and allows for a clean look on both sides of the case.


Inverted ATX Design

  • Potential rising heat from the GPU will not expose the area of the CPU to increasing temperature.

  • There is ample space around the CPU in the middle part of the chassis to properly cool the processor.

  • 3rd party testers verified the efficiency of system cooling in light of the enhanced airflow created by:

    1. Pre-installed NIDEC fans on 4 of the 8 available slots

    2. Large ventilation panels with easy-to-clean dust filters

    3. Integrated power supply with simplified wiring

    4. Dedicated fans with adjustable fan speed

  • Convenient solution for users looking to place their PC on the left side of the desk


Aesthetic Floating Front Panel Design

  • Sturdy steel case features distinctive aluminium front panel with brushed metal appearance

  • Floating front panel allows free airflow for maximum cooling

  • Front panel hides a large, easy-to-clean dust filter from view


Cable Management Cover

  • Good option for hiding the cables from sight if the SeaSonic CONNECT module is not used

  • The base plate is held in place by 4 screws from the back

  • The front plate snaps on with a magnet and additionally it can be secured in place by one screw on the upper right and one on the lower left corner

  • In between the two plates there are openings on the sides for the cables to fit through

  • The cables behind the cable management cover can be bundled tight and secured to the base plate with the help of a Velcro strap that is supplied with the case

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